Our Affiliate Company, Oropesa Holdings Pty Ltd has been the long term terminal operational services provider to Cape Cuvier. Oropesa Holdings sought to support Rio Tinto’s expansion ambitions to grow this terminal form a 3mtpa operation to a maximum of 20mtpa. A self initiated efficiency review of our client’s activities identified a number of opportunities to support development of this operation with minimal capital expenditure.

Oropesa Holdings designed, developed and then implemented physical and operational changes to the port infrastructure and systems, that moved into trial and ultimately acceptance of a new capability to the operation. This significant undertaking was not commissioned or requested by our client – we saw the need and acted on it. The successful outcome for the terminal operation reflects the ethos of our company and our belief that we will deliver the advantage where ever we possibly can.

The results of these endevors have been far better than predicted, reaping significant:

  • Reductions in demurrage
  • Positive returns on dispatch
  • Increase in safety of port operations
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Increase marketability of the port
  • Lifting of the stated port daily loading rate
  • Overall growth in the export capacity of the operation

This has allowed our client to focus on what they do best – Production of the export material.

Subsequently, Oropesa Holdings Pty Ltd was recognised by the Rio Tinto Supplier Recognition awards as one of the three finalists in the services supplier catagory in 2012 from a field of over 3000 service providers across Rio Tinto’s business.


RAN – Project 1180 (Offshore Patrol Vessel). In support of the selection of a new class of ship the Department of Defence engaged Oropesa to undertake a time critical infrastructure assessment considering the operational viability of current arrangements to support these new vessels. The three-month project had to be deliveredwithin 20 Days. Oropesa understood the priority, the need and the subject matter intimately. Our firm delivered the outcome on time and within the budget.

Our work for the DoD continues in support of broader infrastructure considerations with a once in a generation investment by Government in new platforms for the RAN under the current Defence White Paper. Additional to this work Oropesa identified opportunity to enable risk mitigation of existing operations at this site with minimal outlay. This initiative will also provide much needed data required to quantify further development of the wider facility. Also outside of the scope of this work we provided three proposals for development of capacity at the facility utilising new technology that will enable a low cost expansion with reduction in operational risk and shore services burden.


WA Government – Suite of Port Plans.  When the Western Australian Government required a suite of Port Management, Safety and Environmental Plans developed for the 10 Ports and 14 Terminal operations it is responsible for, Oropesa was the preferred provider.  A competitive Tender Process had OPM selected from a broad field of suppliers to deliver this important task.

The initial commencement date of the project was delayed due to internal DoT administration matters and the timeline for first deliverables went from 5 weeks to 12 days. Oropesa met this challenge and provided the required systems to enable the Department to undertake a long planned exercise on which these documents and systems were required. This project is ongoing with a planned completion of June 2017.


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