All Oropesa operations are subject to performance monitoring and reporting.

Whether contractually detailed or not, our experience has shown that collection and compilation of data has proven to be the most effective method of identifying performance within our operations.

As our firm continues to seek advantage for our clients, we recognize the need to provide considered and supportable council to mitigate physical and business risks. The data collected remains the property of our client and is protected under approvals established for its collection.

The ability to deliver proof of performance allows greater representation of issues faced within the conduct of our business, and supports the process of establishing strategic direction for our clients. In turn this evidence also provides transparency for our clients in understanding the value we are able to impart to their operations, and for our own value on how we may improve those functions we deliver.


Maritime Business is steeped in tradition and the value of experience held by the individuals within it. In some operations the delivery of services has become the focus of the operators intent, while the customer to those services sits in the background as a patient observer.

In our experience, some service providers operate in the belief that their undertaking is uniquely specialised, and as the provider they hold themselves to the perfection of their craft over the needs of their clients.

While it may be valid that the marine industry requires particular skill sets, and qualifications within it are hard earned, the modern port requires a significantly different outlook to the ‘one dimensional’ position of traditional providers of a utility.

The ability to facilitate cultural shift to client focused marine operations, while retaining the knowledge and experience that exists within standing arrangements, is a challenging task. Oropesa has met this challenge and delivered transition across a number of fronts. This is one of the many ways in which OPM is able to add value across our entire suite of capability.


Protection of assets is paramount to the integrity of business continuity.

Our People, and yours, are our greatest asset.

Providing a safe working environment and the systems to sustain it, underpin all of our operations.

Safety Management Systems are now considered integral to the due diligence of port and terminal operations and being able to deliver a system that enables rather than restricts your operations requires insight, understanding and vision.

Our ethos of Safe, Transparent and Efficient delivers more than word, forms, plans and procedures. These things are part of our firm’s culture and the commitment for the preservation of these values is held from the top down.

To enable us to bring these to your operation we need to know, and understand, you, your people, your business and your needs. This requires the engagement of the right people to achieve the position we need to deliver the greatest advantage to you.

And that is what we do.


Our value of our people extends beyond the front gate, beyond the trip to work and beyond the ability to keep them in the job. Where we do our business requires the same commitment that we give to our people. Respecting the land and community that support our efforts is part of the way we work.

Engaging with both is not only ethical, it is good business.

If we look after where we operate, it will look after us.

The pursuit of local employment and involvement of the stakeholders to our operations are integral to our ability to deliver sustained success to all our services.


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