The through life operation and sustainment of infrastructure and facilities requires diligent consideration and planning, from initial concept design until final disposal. All assets must be subject to detailed planning and management to ensure they are able to meet immediate and long-term goals. This is an active and specialised component of strategic management requiring skills beyond a direct outcomes focused approach.

Maritime assets are exposed to some of the harshest operating environments on the planet. The planned and reactive maintenance of these resources demands an operational understanding to ensure they are capable of achieving their intended function. Oropesa integrates strategic asset management across the entire scope of its business and with specific consideration to the planning, development and employment of Ports, Facilities and Equipment.

Oropesa seeks to optimise the service delivery potential of assets to minimise related risk and cost and ensure positive enhancement of natural, fiscal and social capital over an asset life cycle. Good governance and the intelligent deployment of business systems, processes and resources are key aspects of this endeavour.

Ports and Maritime Infrastructure are long-term investments with effects and consequences beyond their direct function. Ensuring these ambitions are able to meet the changing requirements of economy, community and environment is a component of strategic design and needs ongoing management with a forward- looking plan.

Australia requires a capable and sustainable sovereign Defence Industry to deliver National security. To fight and win at sea the Navy needs excellence in the delivery of safe, effective and efficient maintenance and repair outcomes for its warships and submarines. The Services of our Defence Force, and the Industries that support them cannot deliver success without the infrastructure and facilities from which to they conduct their activities. It is paramount that these assets are planned, maintained and developed with a future outlook to ensure our nation continues to hold capacity and capability to remain a regional leader in Defence.

Through Oropesa Port Management’s in- depth ability to appreciate the strategic demand it is able to see beyond the service contract and into the operational intent. Oropesa provides the delivery of capability planning, infrastructure and strategic asset management and ensures that Port and Asset operation, sustainment and development is undertaken with preparation for long term success.


  • Strategic Asset Management Planning
  • Marine Structure Management and Maintenance
  • Port Facilities Maintenance Services
  • Watercraft Management & Maintenance


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